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Dinner in the Sky Ljubljana


World famous Dinner in the Sky® will come back to Slovenia with the event TASTE LJUBLJANA FROM THE SKY in 2016.


Presented across continents, the idea and concept of Dinner in the Sky® event is to offer unforgettable fine dining experience in the sky – together with exclusive atmosphere, breathtaking view to city and cuisine from the top chefs.

Event will be held in the center of Ljubljana where the table with 22 guests will be suspended at a height of 50 meters by a team of professionals, with a guest chef and waiting team serving from the center of the table, to enjoy their life’s most unique and special meal – together with their relatives and friends. It’s truly a gastronomic experience like no other!

The event will feature different top chefs. During the dinners, in the evening session, the „chef of the day“ personally will join the guests at the height of 50 meters to serve and talk about his food and menu. This exclusive atmosphere with extraordinary food and face-to-face contact with exceptional chefs will create everlasting impression and breathtaking memories to inhabitants and visitors of Ljubljana.


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  • Kongresni trg
  • Ljubljana
  • Tel: +386 18888383
  • info@dinnerinthesky.si

  Dates / Chefs


  • 13.05.2016 Luka Jezeršek
  • 14.05.2016 Luka Jezeršek
  • 15.05.2016 Luka Jezeršek
  • 16.05.2016 Bine Volčič / Luka Jezeršek
  • 17.05.2016 Bine Volčič / Luka Jezeršek



Taste Ljubljana from the sky team of the chefs

Bine Volcic Dinner in the Sky

Bine Volčič / Kulinarični atelje

Bine Volčič, a well-known Slovenian chef born in 1980, has been passionately devoted to cooking since he was 9 years old. As a young and ambitious cook he decided to go abroad for additional training in French cuisine. He graduated from well-renowed French Culinary Institut Le Cordon Bleu in 2007, but has stayed in Paris to work for some Michelin-starred chefs, such as Jean-Pierre Vigato at Apicius and Alain Passard at Arpège. These valuable experience were the basis for his »fusion cuisine« philosophy that he promoted after coming back to his home country in 2009. Traditional skills, modern techniques, inspirations from around the world and the love for Asian spices are at the heart of Bine’s style of cooking. From 2012 he also passes on his culinary knowledge as the chef mentor in the most popular Slovenian TV reality show “Restaurant seeking for a Chef”.

Luka Jerzersek Dinner in the Sky

Luka Jezeršek / Jezeršek Catering

Luka Jezeršek is head of a Jezeršek Catering culinary team that prides itself with numerous successful stories. While catering is company’s core business Luka also manages kitchen processes at Dvor Jezeršek Restaurant and Bled Castle Restaurant.
Jezeršek Catering was founded by Luka’s parents. Luka and his three brothers were therefore naturally involved in all catering processes from their early years. Upon opening their new property Dvor Jezeršek in the vicinity of Ljubljana airport in 2007, he took over restaurant and hotel management.
Luka became responsible for all kitchen segments of the company in 2011 at the age of 30. His main responsibility is to monitor work processes, events execution and staff mentoring. Jezeršek Catering operates also in Italy and Croatia under their new brand SORA Catering. Luka manages a team of 22 chefs and numerous part time coworkers who offer their support at major events.
Luka Jezeršek appreciates basic, primary tastes and clear dishes presentation. His passion is street food. His dream came true when his foodtruck TAMnjam was finished in 2014. Luka wishes to familiarize the publics with new dimensions of Slovenian gastronomy. Together with his coworkers he runs culinary courses at Dvor Jezeršek.
Wider audiences had the opportunity to get to know Luka during his performance at MasterChef Slovenija TV series where he was given an important role of a judge.


Team Jezersek Dinner in the Sky

Creative culinary team

This creative culinary team includes highly-qualified experts from culinary and catering fields. Team spirit and respect for each other are their most important values. Jezeršek Catering chefs share their knowledge and ideas without titles standing in their way. They strive for perfection, attention for detail and innovation. Jezeršek Catering qualified staff prides itself with rich expertise and a dedicated human touch. While in charge of smooth running of catering events Jezeršek Catering team successfully runs renowned restaurants Dvor Jezeršek and Bled Castle Restaurant.


Taste Ljubljana from the Sky packages

You can choose between 4 different packages, depending on the menu and how long you want to enjoy the experience. For special requests, private or corporate events including VIP lounge, contact us at !


  Brunch in the Sky® 39,- EUR


  • Lift with the world famous Dinner in the Sky® restaurant
  • Brunch menu => full menu
  • Soft drinks, sparkling wine
  • Time in the sky 40 min. Arrival 30 min before


Dinner in the Sky Ljubljana




Dinner in the Sky Ljubljana


  Lunch in the Sky® 59,- EUR


  • Lift with the world famous Dinner in the Sky® restaurant
  • 3 course lunch menu => full menu
  • Soft drinks, White wine, red wine, beer
  • Time in the sky 40 min. Arrival 30 min before



  Champagne in the Sky® 29,- EUR


  • Lift with the world famous Dinner in the Sky® restaurant
  • Sparkling wine, water
  • Snack => full menu
  • Time in the sky 20 min. Arrival 30 min before


Dinner in the Sky Ljubljana



Dinner in the Sky Ljubljana

  Dinner in the Sky® 89,- EUR


  • Lift with the world famous Dinner in the Sky® restaurant
  • 4 course dinner menu => full menu
  • Soft drinks, sparkling wine, white wine, red wine, beer
  • During the dinners, in the evening session, the “chef of the day” will personally join the guests at the height of 50 meters to serve and talk about his food and menu.
  • Time in the sky 60 min. Arrival 30 min before



Official sparkling wine

Radgonske Gorice



Official white wine

Radgonske Gorice white wine



Official red wine




Official airline

Austrian Airlines



As seen by our guests

Beatrix Puscasiu


Breakfast in the sky was super nice and tasty!! Unfortunately, the time goes by much too fast!! The chefs and safety personnel are also very nice and are joking.

Bina Fink


Good atmosphere, top safety, awesome views and just a lot of fun.


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  Important Terms


  •  Minimum height of the guest must be at least 1.50 m
  • An adult must accompany guest who is under age of 18 years old
  • Experience is possible for wheelchair users and people with mild disabilities
  • No alcohol will be served to minors


  Good to know


  • Please inquire vegetarian menu and report any food allergies in advance
  • Guests who appear to be intoxicated will not be permitted to board the Dinner in the Sky restaurant due to safety reasons
  • Unaccompanied children will not be permitted to participate
  • Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the indicated time of your lift
  • If you arrive late, your reservation will be canceled with no refund
  • Don’t forget to take your booking confirmation with you


  What to bring along


  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Please remember that the wind at the height of 50 m is slightly stronger, temperatures can be slightly lower
  • Please take your phones, photo and video cameras along to shoot the breathtaking moments of your dining experience in the sky


  Group Size


  • Maximum group size for one lift is 22 persons




  • Lifts will be made and meals served during rainy weather conditions
  • Lifts will be delayed or canceled in case of wind stronger than 15 m/s and/or thunderstorm
  • Lifts can be canceled or delayed shortly before your scheduled lift time due to weather conditions




Dinner in the Sky® is a product developed by Events in the Sky according to two key words: Exclusivity and Safety. We want to provide our clients with the most exclusive experiences ever dreamt of in a completely safe way. All our concepts are designed accordingly to the German norm DIN 4112. Products are built in Belgium under the control of Rheinland TÜV. This obsession for safety is probably one of the reasons why Dinner in the Sky® is now operated in more than 40 countries and got the official authorizations from the toughest countries such as US, Canada, Australia, South-Africa etc.


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